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6 months ago


Welcome to the first stage in the P&G CEO Challenge 2018. In this step, you will need to complete a case-study test that will challenge your problem-solving skills. Please read the following information carefully before beginning. It will help you to pass the test successfully and avoid making mistakes.

Case-study test structure:

  • Case study – approximately 10 pages of text, tables and charts about the problem-based situation.
  • 15 test questions.
    • They will include problems of different types:
      • Text and data interpretation;
      • Finding evidence in the text and data;
      • Calculations
    • You will need to give answers in different ways:
      • Choose one correct answer from many (radio buttons);
      • Choose several correct options (checkboxes);
      • Estimate the value (sliders)
  • Two short essay questions. For this part, you will need to formulate and substantiate your point of view. The answer will be limited to 600 characters.  Hint: these questions have no right or wrong answers. Focus on argumentation and logic. These will likely be very important to your solution, though.


Your team must have 3-5 members. Teams that are larger will not be considered. When putting together your team, it would be wise to bring together individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and majors/concentrations. Teams from the same major will not have the diversity of knowledge necessary to be successful.

Please be prepared to provide the name, gender, major/concentration, and university of every member of your team before starting the case study. Again, we encourage diversity in all of its forms for successful teams.


You will have 75 minutes to complete the whole test. Once you hit "Start Challenge" you will receive the Case Study. You must allocate sufficient time to both read the case as well as answer the 17 total questions.

Hint: you will probably not have enough time to answer all the questions – please take your time and do your very best. 

Here are some ideas to help you achieve the best possible result in the case-study test:

  • If you have no definite idea on how to solve a specific problem, do not spend too much time on it. Skip all difficult questions and revisit them later.
  • If you have tried several times and still have no answer for a question, exclude all options that look inappropriate and choose any of the remaining.

Understanding the case study and questions:

  • To answer most questions, you will need to search for the data from relevant parts of the case study. 
  • Due to different levels of approximation in some questions, correct options can differ slightly from your calculations. Please choose the closest. 
  • In some ‘choose one’ questions many options can apply. Please choose the most correct and exhaustive answer. 
  • Some questions involve information that is absent from the case study. Please make assumptions and give the most reasonable answer.

How to prepare:

You will have only one attempt at completing the test. Take time to prepare in order to get the best possible score:

  • It is strongly recommended that your entire team be in the same room, on a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection;
  • Bring some paper and pens to take notes;
  • You can use a calculator or any software you like;
  • You can use the Internet, but keep in mind that data in the case study could be distorted. Using data from open sources can bias your calculations;
  • Please do not use the help of other people. By starting this case study challenge, you confirm that you will complete the challenge as a team without outside assistance.

Please begin the challenge only if you are ready to complete the test.

We wish you every success in passing the test.


All information provided in the case study is used for the purpose of the test only and can diverge from reality. All facts, data, opinions, characters, company names, etc. are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons or companies is coincidental.


All students in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are eligible to participate in this challenge. Active or former employees and interns cannot participate. Once teams begin participation, they are not allowed any outside help or coaching.

We at P&G hold strong to our Purpose, Values, and Principles. Among those values are integrity and trust. We expect all participants to uphold the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness as they prepare themselves and compete in all portions of the competition.

If there is ever any situation where a violation of these values occurs by even a single member of the team, or if a violation of these values seems to have happened, P&G reserves the right to eliminate the entire team from the competition without any question.