Can you communicate the benefits of the new Olay Whips?
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The Olay Whips facial moisturizers are designed in service to the aspirational and wellness-minded millennial woman. What makes Olay Whips new and different is the lightweight ‘whipped’ texture of the moisturizer that absorbs quickly into skin through revolutionary powders giving women intense hydration with following benefits:

  • Shine-free, oil-controlled skin with a matte finish
  • Deceptively natural, foundation-free skin
  • Irresistibly silky, velvet skin with a breathable finish

We are seeking new advertising campaign ideas for the Olay Whips line. Campaign ideas should communicate the benefit that Olay Whips gives you the hydration and skin care results you want without the tradeoffs.  Be sure your idea communicates at least one of the Olay Whips benefits listed above.

All campaign ideas MUST include the following, and please organize your submission accordingly:

  1. headline / creative idea   (if this is the title of your submission, please also re-write it as part of your submission content)
  2. key visual that brings the creative idea to life (sketch, mock-up, adcept, video, etc.)
  3. the background story or insight that led to the idea

*When we say "campaign ideas," we are seeking a creative idea that communicates a benefit of Olay Whips rather than an idea for a full commercial.  Please focus your submission on the unique way you would frame the benefits of Olay Whips.

We suggest you label and organize your submission with the three parts listed above.  Please include enough detail that it could be visualized and implemented from our standpoint. Your solution should not be the same as our current message and campaign.  

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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